Sunday, 1 May 2011

London's Calling.....

It has been a while since i last blogged, apologies to all followers. The work load has been hectic with lots of things added each day. It is coming to the end of a very fast few years of University. I am currently tying  up loose ends of my research and the odds and sods that need to be handed in for my final assessment. The main preparation for this final major project, is the end of year shows in Swansea and in London.  Brick Lane is the location of the london show. Free Range is an arts expo that happens every year in Brick Lane, with Universities participating from all over the place exhibiting all faculties of art. I have just sent off for some of my work to be made in Cardiff, this is one of many pieces of work that needs to be made. I am to have a 40"x40" mounted print, two Light boxes and a television installation.

So far the 40"x40" print is the first thing that i have sent off to be made. This week i need to send some image files to Brighton to make Duratrans prints on perspex sheets, for my light boxes. The Television installation i already have to hand. I need to find a plinth from University to use to hold the tele, I will make a CD of images to put into a DVD player to display the work. A book has been made and awaiting arrival, this will also go on display at both Shows. In a sense i will be using a variety of mediums to present my work. Yesterday i signed into the Free Range Portfolio profile. This profile displays my ethos and a few sample images, this 'portfolio' will remain on the site for ever and can be looked at by employers or interested parties.