Monday, 2 April 2012

SOLOng, Farewell...

News just in, it has come to my attention, that iam having my first solo show. Yes folks, you heard it here first. My new work, 'POLARVOID', is due to be exhibited in the one and only RED DOOR 44. Ok so i do help run RD44, and so it was quite easy to be allowed to show my work in the gallery, but nonetheless i am still to be going it alone for the first time ever. In a recent post i mentioned that i had the start of a new project, 'POLARVOID'. This isn't a new direction for me, i am still investigating the destruction of image, but working in a new format brings new thoughts to the table and allows the viewer a little more insight into what it is they are actually looking at.

The show is due to open in May, i think its a couple of weeks before the S.M.U degree show. May will be the month of exhibitions. Hopefully family and friends will attend the opening, to see my work, but all so to join me in saying goodbye to Swansea. I am to leave Swansea, the place at which i call home and move back to Reading. It will be a tearful goodbye, as i have made so many good friends over the past four years and learn't such a lot in life as well as education. I wish to invite old tutors along and show them what i have been up to this past year post graduated. I also want ever nearing graduates to the show, so they can see what they may get up to  within the year after finishing university.

This solo show is to be a joyous BON VOYAGE to SWANSEA 

a litte tease(insight) of what is to be expected.