Sunday, 26 February 2012


It has been 7 months since i fired a roll off a film with some enthusiasm, during that time i have been a tad lazy with progressing my practice. (booooo hisssssss!)During this photographers block, i have taken opportunities that don't often arise. A friend of mine revealed she was pregnant 3 months into the pregnancy. this was wonderful news, i was so delighted for her. 

A few weeks went by and i bashfully asked her if i could take a few pictures of her bump. She kindly said yes and asked me when i would like to photograph her, to her amazement i wanted to photograph her bump within days of her to be due to give birth. I  wanted to photograph this bump just before it became a baby. It may sound strange, but i want that child to grow up and look back at photographs and see what they looked like moments before the imminent event.

I had never documented the beginnings of a new life before, not just the new life of the baby, but the new life of a parent. In my future it is certainly something that i wish to document with great discipline.I photographed a cocooned young female, blossoming into a wonderful mother. This was what i was to capture in my imagery. I did not construct or stage my time with her, i simply let the day pass on by as if any normal day. soon i hope to give this small piece of work to the new family, with hope that they have an amazing adventure ahead of them.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Fake It, Make It Like A Polaroid Picture...

With the release of the new Digital Polaroid camera, that people are wetting themselves about. I have done some experimenting with my own makeshift digital Polaroid camera. There may not be the usual buzzing sound from the Polaroid camera ejecting the film but never the less i still reckon i have produced a digital Polaroid file. 

In a nut shell, i just place the viewfinder of the Super Colour - 635CL, over the lens of my Digital Harinezumi 2 +++ (1-10) camera. i then began to compose and frame my subject matter accordingly.

I composed and framed my images using a Polaroid camera, but used a digital format to capture the subject matter does that not make them Polaroid pictures? I am continuing with this interesting query, this may result in me using many forms of photo capturing devices, only to photograph the view from inside them.

Anyway its something new and may well help me with my current Polarvoid Project 'coming soon to a gallery near you'!