Monday, 14 March 2011

It's All There In Black And White...

Now that my thoughts and motivation has been dragged from the dissertation to higher and happier climates,  i am now trying to experiment with a range of things; doo daa's, watcha ma call its. don't really know what word is best used instead of 'things' but any way i am coming to the end of a very long and winding road. I now need to work out how i want to present my new work at the London Free Range Show in Brick Lane. 

I was over at my Father's retreat to acquire wise wisdom and experience, after rooting around in the dusty dead fly grave yard of an attic we came across the ol' black and white moving picture box that my Father bought years ago. Half an hour later after many attempts to plug a dubbed video dub (DVD Player) device into the picture box we appeared to be defeated in our efforts to produce an image on the screen of the box. 

with a crash bang and a wallop all of a sudden (this didn't really happen just trying to create an intense atmosphere). A flicker of an image appeared before our very eyes. Turned out we hadn't been tuning the ruddy thing, "Silly us aye"

with a few turns of the leaver thing we got as best a picture as we could get, my Father wanted to improve the quality of the tunedge. I hope he wasn't expecting HD quality. While my Father found the quality of image terrible and scrabbly i was quite excited by the shapes and abstractions made by the Picture Box. We placed a CD of images from Boots or some photo print place like that and loaded the DVD Player and viewed the photographs on a slide show mode of the Player. Due to the poor quality of the Television you couldn't really make out what you were seeing. i felt this had a fitting element to my practice and end of year portfolio of work.

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