Friday, 18 March 2011


Went to an interview organized by the Uni, the interview was with a Photographer's Gallery Curator from London. She was pleased with my enthusiasm for wet film, especially in this digital age. she found my work very exciting and loved the playful and experimental appearance of my work. the Curator name dropped an photographic artist hadn't heard of before and thankfully remembered his name. 

The photographic artist is called Walead Beshty, a London born american photographic artist,

Many consider his artwork or photography to be abstract, but he objects, “insisting instead on their material inscription of the structural conditions and possibilities of the medium.”] Beshty’s artwork makes the viewer question the possibilities of photography and its relationship with the current world we live in.( < blurb taken from the one and only Wiki.)I looked him up and found the artist that i was looking for all other artists i had found were either abstract expressionist painters or camera-less process artists. Beshty works with film and creates beuatiful pieces.

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