Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Today was the start to the unending production of photographs. My Portfolio is to begin to grow, as of this week. I spent most of the beginning of this week preparing for printing. I'm using 12"x16" Fiber based paper for my Black and White work. i've developed (ruined) a few colour films to start on my colour prints as well. Tomorrow is the last day over the holidays to use the colour darkrooms so i will be spending the day mostly in the Colenta room.I will have a look at my Fiber prints and if there is time tomorrow i may re print one as the exposure was a little off centre of the paper. This new work will have more meaning and interact more with the viewer as i am now starting to piece together what it is i want this work to do and relate to when seen by the viewer. 

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  1. Hey Sam, this reminds me of an ultra-sound scan or a cat scan, really like the texture implied