Monday, 4 April 2011

Marketing and Self Help.....

Its coming close to the end, visual diaries need filling, portfolio's need building and now a presentation and promotion package is under way. I did one last year which included a portfolio, visual C.V, postcards and business cards. This year i wanted to make my DVD look really cool.

I want my final portfolio look like a collection of medical examinations and so i wanted to make the cover look like a nice Sciencey Journal. I started by finding a nice book in the university library, preferably a book with a blank cover. This one i spotted and felt the colour was nice to use. I had found in my Fathers filing cabinet a pouch of stickers with the words,

PHOTOGRAPHS PLEASE DO NOT BEND. I felt that this sticker had a quirkiness about it and wanted to use it somewhere in my final major work. I want to make numerous covers of different colour's making in the process a mini collection of the Book/DVD's. I may even get a little bookshelf to set up the collection of portfolio's.

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