Saturday, 17 September 2011

As one door closes, a Red door opens...

With university life now over, for this so called graduate. I have had to venture into the big wide world that is the rest of my life. Over the past few months of summer, i have teamed up with a collective of artists. This collective is based in a sizable studio in Swansea. Red Door 44 as we are now known, has become the first studio space i am to make work for future exhibitions. My father always told me stories of his many studios through his career as a photographer, i had always dreamt of having a studio space. 2011 is the year to do so. scraping, painting, trashing are all suitable words to use to describe the work and process gone into making Red Door 44 a reality. I cannot wait for the next few months when we officially open in October this is where i alight for my artistic pathway and career into the working world.

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