Saturday, 17 September 2011

What was it that i Bespoke about....

Throughout the process of turning Red Door 44 from and old function room, to a brand spanking 'happening' studio, tidying the place up had to occur in order to use the space. there was an entire labyrinth of odds and sods. One major thing that the collective all agreed upon, was to recycle as much of the sods as possible. Broken table tops become shelving space for art materials, old benches became dividers for individual artist spaces. Rather than throw away what may appear to be useless, we had a go at making things useful again. An example of this, was a pair of draws discarded amongst the rubble. The original unit was never found in the space and so the draws were soon to be tipped at the scrap yard. I felt that i wanted to make something out of these now useless wooden trays. And so with a little thought and perseverance i now show you the new and improved MISCELLANEOUS TRAYS.

I need to find one more tray same size and preferably the same design, just to complete it otherwise i may have to hack off the remaining Thread on all four bars.

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