Sunday, 26 February 2012


It has been 7 months since i fired a roll off a film with some enthusiasm, during that time i have been a tad lazy with progressing my practice. (booooo hisssssss!)During this photographers block, i have taken opportunities that don't often arise. A friend of mine revealed she was pregnant 3 months into the pregnancy. this was wonderful news, i was so delighted for her. 

A few weeks went by and i bashfully asked her if i could take a few pictures of her bump. She kindly said yes and asked me when i would like to photograph her, to her amazement i wanted to photograph her bump within days of her to be due to give birth. I  wanted to photograph this bump just before it became a baby. It may sound strange, but i want that child to grow up and look back at photographs and see what they looked like moments before the imminent event.

I had never documented the beginnings of a new life before, not just the new life of the baby, but the new life of a parent. In my future it is certainly something that i wish to document with great discipline.I photographed a cocooned young female, blossoming into a wonderful mother. This was what i was to capture in my imagery. I did not construct or stage my time with her, i simply let the day pass on by as if any normal day. soon i hope to give this small piece of work to the new family, with hope that they have an amazing adventure ahead of them.

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