Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Final Countdown...

The work is on the wall and awaiting to be viewed, i postponed the original opening date of the 11th of May due to a large amount of exhibition openings in one night. I decided not to risk it, i changed the date to the next friday the 18th. May is going to be a big month for exhibitions in Swansea, a mini 'biennale' in the city.

As well as the third year photography, fine art and surface pattern degree shows, there are shows from other faculties such as graphic design and advertising.POLARVOID will be showing in the middle week for the 'biennale' There is a second year end of year show on the llth, hence the change of date of my show. That will open the mini arts festival in Swansea. 

A fellow Swansea photographer Nicholas William Hughes has a show on up the road from Red Door 44 at another artist hub, Supersaurus Swansea. The show is on the same date as mine and will be the first stop of the days exhibitions.
And so with a few little finishing touches, the countdown begins for my debut solo show. its a scary thought and i have worries of lack of attendance. I'm thinking of speaking at the show, you know say a few thank you's and explain what i have been doing this past year since graduating. 

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