Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fight, For Your Right (To Party)...

Prints on the wall, Statement in the pride of place, the room was spick and span, the opening of POLARVOID was nigh. An hour before i shopped Tesco of £200 worth of alcohol, (< i bought it, that last bit might look like i stole £200 worth of alcohol, well i have the receipt to prove it, anyway) i got the beer and wine an hour before the show was to open. went home, washed around the key areas and got 'dolled up' for 18.30. 
I walked through the club to get up to the Red Door 44 space, i noticed one of the committee members that i hadn't seen all week in prep for the show. 

I went up to him to let him know there was a little exhibition on with a few people popping in to see my work, he immediately questioned his knowledge of such an event. I tried to explain it would be a low key affair to calm is doubts, before i could say anything he mentioned the word alcohol, my heart froze for a minute or so as the next sentence to come out of his mouth was to leave a sour taste in my throat. 

" If i see any alcohol up there i will kick you all out " 

i hadn't told him that there already was £200 worth up there waiting to disappear in the best way possible (drinking the stuff), i couldn't risk embarrassment if he came up the stairs and shouted for everyone to leave, so i had to hide the goods, one thing i didn't mention was that before i went for home to change i had a photo taken on a social network site and posted online that there was alcohol to be consumed, now i had a bigger problem, invited guests were expecting booze and now i have none.

Fortunately i didn't given in the rest of Red Door helped me by making cups of tea and coffee and offering soft drinks, for the event. Some people went and a lot of people stayed through out the night, i was so disappointed about the alcohol or the lack of  and felt the night would be tainted, to my surprise it went well.  Family and Friends came to support me, and see me off when i head for home.

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