Thursday, 17 February 2011

Every Cloud...

Two photographs from a small series of work i made last year. The irony of it all is these two pieces came about through failure. The original plan was to delve into the unknown; staying with the process of chemically disrupted film, two rolls of film were shot, portraits were taken. One set of portraits were conventionally taken and the second set i asked the subjects to make a spontaneous gesture within the frame. With a set of each portraits i then juggle and move the films from left to right, now there is no way of knowing what is on what film.

Once i decide on a film to develop the other film is to be destroyed. there is an element of risk that i wished to explore. The portraits were shot on Colour C-41 film. thinking i would ruin the film i decided to use black and White development chemicals to process the film. Throughout the developing stage i opened the developing tank to see what was happening to the film knowing i was experimenting i didn't mind leaking of light into the tank.

once the film was dried i then scanned what was to be very thin negatives i discovered a semi negative/positive result. The silver  solarized effect gives a ghostly atmosphere. So having failed to destroy a roll of film i have succeeded in creating a (happy accident). 

"Every cloud has a silver lining"

you can never replicate the same photograph twice, and so unfortunately the Every cloud series can never be replicated after numerous attempts to get the result back i have now failed from my succession. 

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  1. These are looking really good backlit on a monitor Sam, really love this series.