Friday, 11 February 2011

Starting Point

My practice first came about as an accident. Colour film that i had never processed before got destroyed, when i tried to develop the film. the photographs lost were of my mother and brother just before i left for university, i took the photographs as memento and sort of comfort blanket as i had never moved away from home before. i still kept the ruined film as a record that i had tried to process film but something had gone wrong, i would need help when processing the next roll.

A few months later i watched a film Pollock. It was a film about the artists life and the all important drip technique Jackson had discovered. Seeing his paintings reminded me a little of the destroyed film i had stashed in the back of my negatives folder. the destructive quality of his work resembled what had happened in the C-41 darkroom. 

I began to scan in on to a computer as the negatives were so thin that wet printing wouldn't really pick up much detail. i had found these weird abstractions, shapes and formations all over the film. 

I am now investigating what is photography, and how far can a process using photographic mediums can go before its not seen as photographic anymore. 

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