Saturday, 12 February 2011

Will the real Sam Mills-Williams please stand up...

Hello all whom that read this, i hope you have had a wonderful day and are in a comfortable place in your life at this moment in time.

I recently typed my full name into a search engine, to seek others who share my name to find out what they have become. what was to be revealed shocked me as it was an unexpected answer, the message read:

                 Sam Mills-Williams isn't defined yet.

This realization evoked a hysterical eruption with aching ribs as a result from laughter caused by the direct approach to deliver the answer of who i am as a person. 

I find myself nearing an emptiness, a mass space of nothingness. Once university life is over i fear for what may lead me to my future, fear itself is the unknown. For now i get up in the for the day ahead, make work, think about it and wait to go to sleep. 

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