Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Its Your Blog Sam, Somethings Got To Be Done About Your Blog...

Well, i do apologize for the dormancy of my blogging, its not been the best four months since i last posted anything. After a very long summer i finally signed off and hung up the Giro jacket for the last time. In November i found a minimum wage job and have been working there since. Not going to tell you about it as its nothing to really rave about. So i am now finally earning an honest crust after 6 months since Graduating. 

Along side that stable job i now do a bit of painting and decorating, this helps spread the workload over the week so i don't have to spend all my time in the week, at the other job. I am enjoying being a ' handy man' not only is it good money but also gives me some good experience on the C.V. for any future job opportunities. I also get a big sense of achievement from the decorating job. 

Moooving swiftly on, i will create a montage of the happenings that have occurred over the summer.(minus the epic 80's power ballads), Red Door 44 opened in October with a crowd of a hundred or so attendants. This was an amazing thing to have happened to the Red Door Collective, it gave us a true understanding of how much support we had behind us. Since the opening we have been planning future workshops and exhibitions to see out 2011 and bring Red Door into the new year.  

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