Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Had An Exhibition in Mumumumumunmum...

Please excuse the bizarre spelling in the title of this post, its an in joke between me and my good friend David Long. In a nut shell, Munmumumumumum is actually a place near Swansea called Mumbles. Hopefully some of you reading this will understand what we were joking around with. Anyway a few of my fellow course mates after the degree show in London wanted to put on a show somewhere in the Swansea area for those who couldn't make it to either the University degree show or the London show.  The show was to be called 'A First Chance For A Second Look'. This will have been my second joint exhibition outside of university, but my first since graduating.

I was concerned that i hadn't made new work since the degree show and was worried that putting up old work would appear lazy and boring to people. The thing was i hadn't realized that Swansea hadn't seen my light boxes that i put up in the London Free Range Show, and so that work was new to people in Swansea. This made the organization of the show much easier and faster for me and also the other artists showing. The Work was shown in a little Gallery in called 'Oriel Bach', this is a welsh name, translated to English it means 'Little Gallery'. 

The opening night was nice, with an appearance from two of my old tutors from S.M.U. Hamish Gane, my Photography Tutor kindly opened the show with a little speech. It was nice to see the work in a different space and curate the show ourselves for the first time, Tutors always took that responsibility in University. The work went up surprisingly fast for the four of us, i guess we were on the same wave length with where everyones work should go.

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