Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Break On Through To The Other Side...

The last exhibition i was in was in October, since then i shamefully haven't made any new work, mainly due to work issues and financial difficulties, but fear not i am settled and bring in a regular pay cheque everything should resume to normality soon enough. Before all that some time in November i had been discussing the idea of curating a show on Red Door 44, this would not include my work or any work from within the collective.

 This show was going to be the first example of What Red Door 44 wants to cater for, Outsider Art. Red Door want's to give the opportunity to artists or anybody who would like to have an exhibition but has never had one or been able to have one. Since the opening of the studio nearing the end of October Red Door had remained dormant. nothing was happening in the space that we opened especially to be used creatively. 

So i took the initiative and told a great friend of mine, Mathew Belcher that Red Door 44 will host an exhibition of his work. This was something that hadn't crossed his mind at all. Mat had created an album of work on a social network site entitled 'Happy things Happy'. Mat would photograph objects and shapes that resembled a smiley face. This album had some many responses to it that Mat created a separate page purely for this new hype of 'Happy Things Happy'. I saw the Album in the early months of 2011, telling him to print and exhibit his photographs. Mat wasn't an artist at the time, just someone capturing happy things, half a year goes by, and now i have the opportunity to give him a show of his work. 

Mat Helped me through a tough period struggling for work, by allowing me to Volunteer in his shop. As a thank you to him i wanted this show to happen for him. I have never been on the other side of the fence before, i have always shown work, it was nice to have a change of occupation for a temporary period of time. i thoroughly enjoyed the process and now can apply that experience to my C.V. and hope it helps with possible jobs opportunities in the future.

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