Monday, 13 June 2011

From Junktion to Function......

I am staying in Swansea for one more year after University. As well as getting a job to pay for rent and living costs, i want to continue making work and submitting for exhibitions in Cardiff, Bristol and London. For me to continue making work i am going to need to find a working space. I was speaking about this with a good friend of mine and fellow artist, Phil Cheater. He mentioned that a space had been found by a second year Fine Art student. The student/Lauren, works for a working mans club in the town.

She enquired about a space upstairs from the club that wasn't being used. The space contains bits of rubble and rubbish and could be an ideal space for Art. I joined Phil at a meeting in the space with Lauren, an artistic fraternity has formed to make this dead space into a living breathing work space for artists. We are soon to enter the space and recycle as much of the junk as we can to help build a studio space. Plans are being put in place for fund raising to help with paint and other decorative utensils to participate in the construction of the studio. Phil is currently designing for logos and names for the studio space that we can promote for funding and awareness in Swansea.

You didn't think i was going to reveal much did you?

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