Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Graduate....

Well i got my 2:1, second class honours degree. I was a tense evening waiting for the online results, friends from other faculties were reciving their results, yet my results were still unavable. The social network status updates were rapildly updated with cheers of joy and some tears of sadness. I was going out of my mind with worry. It was all running through my head, I've failed, I've failed, I,ve failed. I eventually went to bed in a sleepless panic, i woke up the next morning having read a new set of status' i eventually got through to my results. 

My waiting had paid off and the 2:1 came my way. i was worried throughout the time period between the last hand in for assesment and the last exhibition show in Brick Lane. i was not sure about my disserataion passing but now i have the 2:1 i think may have passed that module. I'm not really sure if i want to know what my dissertation grade was, all im grateful for is that  i passed it. My supervisor for the dissertation promised me however my dissertation ends up, she would not allow me to fail.

And here's to you Mrs Robinson Sam loves you more than you will know wo wo wo.

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