Sunday, 12 June 2011

Roll on the Summer.....

My Father is amongst chaos at his house, getting his roof redone. He was told to clear his loft so that work can begin fixing a hole where the rain gets in. To my surprise My Father phones up to say that he has found a box of old film; containing, Polaroid, 5x4 Slide and Colour film, Black n' white 5x4, Slide 120 mm and Colour + Black n' white 120 mm, 35 mm Colour and Black n' White AND AND AND AND 10X 8 Black n' White Negatives. This summer is going to be an awesome one. I have an exhibition later on in the year in October, so over the holiday i shall be experimenting with the twenty year old dried up Polaroid and 10x8 Negatives, possibly pinhole Negs.

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