Sunday, 24 June 2012

Photographer In Transit...

Yesterday i left the Swansea docks and shipped out back to Reading. Four years previous all my possessions became stacked neatly inside my Fathers black estate. I come home with a van load of stuff i have collected over the years. I was shocked at how much i own. I thought in the months leading up to the big move, that it was mostly camera equipment that i had bought throughout my degree, Nope.

The year i spent in Swansea after graduating, has been a double edged sword. In one hand i have had a great year spending time with friends and setting up RED DOOR 44.On the other hand, financially it has cost me dearly, i could not find a decent job after graduating, spent a few months living off the system and eventually, temporally had a call centre job. Painting and decorating got me a bit of cash, i am to continue that over the summer to try and earn back the savings that i spent on rent and bills over the year.

Once the last boxed was wedged in the back of the van i had one final check of my room to see if i had left anything behind. I had, my room. i spent a few moments alone sitting and contemplating. I took a few photographs of the empty room. A tiny thought entered my head, i decided to photograph myself this now unused and empty space. This was to be the last photograph i took in Swansea before leaving for Reading. 

I sat on the bed i used to lay on, with the camera remote in my hand, i waited whilst memories flooded my brain, and pressed the shutter. one final walk out of the door i glanced at the image on the back of the camera screen. I felt immediately with definite certainty that this one photograph was the best photograph i had ever taken in Swansea.

'The last photograph'. 

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