Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wedding Jitters (I'm The Photographer)...

It is less than a month before i photograph my first wedding. To clarify it's not my wedding, i don't plan on having more than one. I was asked by a great friend of mine if i would be available to photograph his brothers wedding, i was so chuffed that the nearly weds considered me to be their wedding photographer. As you have seen in previous posts and photographs on this blog my work isn't exactly traditional. Although my main practice is dealing with the abstract defunct negatives and more recently my new Polaroid series. I have actually taken a 'proper photograph' before. 

I met the couple for lunch with both sides of the family, it was a lovely afternoon spent with all. As i have known the Benson family for a while, there was a far more relaxed atmosphere discussing ideas and locations for photographs to be taken. I had made a book of photographs taken in Paris in November of 2010. These demonstrated to the nearly weds and their families how i photograph and what results i can get using particular cameras. 

The months have been flying by and the big day is nearly here, the past few weeks i have been trying to concentrate on moving out of Red Door 44 and my house in Swansea, getting things packed up. There have been many sleepless nights, I'm running ideas in my head planing where to photograph how long it should take me, getting the right equipment for the job, praying to the big guy upstairs for a sunny July. I have decided to use my DSLR for the main photography of the day and night, shooting the usual wedding family stills. 

I will also be using two film cameras to add a bit of romance (to the photography part of the wedding) there will be enough romance on the day on behalf of the rest of the goings on (a wedding). The two film cameras i will use are a twin lens reflex 120mm and the Holga 120mm. The film is specially for the bride and groom only. the TLR will provide black and white personal shots of the couple, the Holga will provide that dreamy vignetting and fairy-tale quality from the soft focus of the plastic lens. By introducing the Holga to wedding photography im not sticking with photographic traditions much like my practice.

Wish me luck for a sunny Saturday in July.

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